The Business Matchmaker


Knowing who to hire is often one of the biggest hurdles for business owners. This 40 min mini series will break down the different kinds of "Virtual Assistants" so you know exactly who you need in your business.


My superpowers are helping entrepreneurs to 1) get stuff done, 2) find + work with stellar hires, 3) define their offers/messaging, and 4) get the back end of their business organized. My favorite people to work with are female entrepreneurs with a big mission and a big heart

Most of my clients feel chaotic, overwhelmed, and a bit of a hot mess - but we don't leave them that way! My goal is to free you up to focus on the parts of your business that really light you up while we handle everything else.


I am the founder of an international business that spans 5 continents. I wear many hats like business coach, recruiter, assistant trainer, web designer, hiring expert, and systems strategist..... but for simplicity,

You can just call me Your Operations Manager. 

I've helped 150+ entrepreneurs reclaim their time freedom by eliminating, automating & delegating. You could be next!


I've had the pleasure of working with many powerhouse and soul-led business owners. Here are just a few!

Which Best Describes you?

thinking of hiring

Looking into the possibility of hiring an assistant or another expert.


Looking for resources to start or grow a virtual assistant business.

Essential Oil Leaders

Even though I support a variety of business owners, I have some resources just for essential oil leaders too. 

In another lifetime, I supported Allyse & Patrick Sedivy and Kalli Wilson as their assistant. Since then I've worked with many of the top leaders in this space. I'm also an avid essential oil user myself!

If you are looking for a trained assistant, business support, ClickUp Funnels, or other resources, you're in the right place!


"Megan has been a savior for me and my business. Before she came into my life I was stuck doing everything and my business wasn’t growing. Because I was so overwhelmed, I didn’t have time to find really good help. After one call with her I was meeting with really true qualified people that were all perfect for me. I got to have my pick and right at the start I got to work with someone who was ready to go. Megan helped me have a life and not just a business that owned me."

Eddie Villa
CEO & Founder of Unleash Your Strengths

"You’re making things easier for us leaders to be in our genius by paying others to be in theirs.  
Thank YOU Megan!"
Robin jones
doTERRA Blue Diamond

"Megan has absolutely been the best choice I have ever made. I knew I had the skills and knowledge to successfully get my business established and off the ground, but once I ran into questions or challenges, I was lost. Megan has been there to guide me and troubleshoot every issue. She provides expertise, patience, and clarity when instructing. She truly empowers you and helps to establish the belief that your business success is possible because she genuinely cares and believes in your ability. Before Megan, I had built a portfolio and applied to many virtual assistant positions without success. I did not know what I was doing wrong. After just two sessions with Megan, I had five or six emails from potential clients the following week! I landed my first position very shortly after. If you are ready to elevate your business, I highly recommend Megan - you will not be disappointed!

Samantha Garza
Virtual Assistant