My strengths 

 According to Gallup, these are my top 10 strengths: Activator, Individualization, Strategic, Significance, Focus, Achiever, Responsibility, Futuristic, Relator, Arranger. I lead with the Executing and Influencing themes. I am also an ENFJ (Meyers Briggs). 
In Human Design, I am a Pure Generator. My Enneagram number is 8 (although I've felt I was a 3 for years!) My operations manual would say,  "When interacting with Megan, be direct, say what's on your mind, and do what you say you're going to do."


My 1st exposure to the entrepreneur world

One of my first jobs after college (in 2011) was working as a full-time personal assistant (in an office) for a couple of essential oil distributors, Patrick & Allyse Sedivy. It was so intense and I LOVED it. 

I realized I was good at it too. (A decade later, Patrick told me I was one of his favorite assistants.)

I had my first child while working with them and unfortunately had some complications that made it difficult to keep the job once my son was born. I was distraught because I was incredibly passionate about what I was doing. 

After 10 months of choosing to stay home with my incredibly squishy and perfect baby, I started having the itch to work again - but not full time. I wanted to be home with my son more than anything but also dreamed of working with soul-driven clients again. I didn't know how that would ever happen though. 

So I put that idea on the shelf.

Office Assistant to Virtual Assistant

One day, I had planned to pick up an order at doTERRA and I had the thought to dress up like I was going to an interview. I thought it was such an odd thing to do, but I did anyway. 

While I was there, I ran into Kalli Wilson. I knew her briefly from working with the Sedivy's. Apparently, she had been thinking of hiring an assistant as well but didn't know where to start. 

We chatted and she said, "I know this is crazy and you can totally say no, but would you be open to being my assistant? You could work from home and you could do just a few hours a week."

I nearly hit the floor. I of course accepted - practically on the spot. Then I went to my car and bawled. It was one of those moments when I felt God very close - as if He knew the innermost desires of my heart and orchestrated everything so beautifully.

We worked together for 9 wonderful years. 

The Conference That Changed My Life

In 2019, Kalli asked me to join her at a women-in-business conference. She wanted me there so we could implement a lot of the strategies together. Of course I wanted to go! 

The event was a Grace Lever retreat where the focus was on turning your passions into a product/service you could monetize and bring online. Being surrounded by hundreds of powerhouse women like this elevated my mindset and gave me a peak into the possibilities. 

Since this was a business event and I was a bit of a stowaway, I started telling people I helped business owners to find their virtual assistants. This was mostly true because I had helped a few people do this while I was working with Kalli. It was the closest thing to a "business" I could conjure at the time. 

Something surprising happened though...

It started to plant the seeds that would help me expand and eventually turn that idea into an international business. (Walk the walk, right?)

When I Realized What Was Possible

Throughout the conference, my mind shifted from, "Oh these would be great to implement in Kalli's business" to "Oh I am starting to see how I can use these tools and turn them into a bigger business for myself."

I examined what I knew about myself. I knew I loved:
  • teaching/coaching
  • techy & online tools
  • the virtual assistant space
  • course creation
  • organization
  • team management
So my mind started exploring what it would look like to really start helping women (like the ones at the conference) to find their virtual assistants AND coach them on how to maximize that relationship. 

Manifesting My Business to Life

Something magical happened. Just as I was manifesting all of this, I met my very first client for my new business. Her name was Robin Jones and she was a colleague of Kalli's. We decided to all have lunch together. 

She asked me what I did as an assistant. She said she had been thinking of hiring, but she was overwhelmed with: 

  • How to find the right person.
  • How to manage the search process (the application portal, interviews, etc..)
  • How to train/onboard this hire to effectively support her
  • and more

I Found My First Client

I started to realize that I could solve ALL of these problems. I knew her specific niche SO WELL because that's what I had been doing for years with Kalli and Allyse before her. I even had experience managing a hiring process for a few others. 

So I told her I was actually playing with the idea of creating a training program to teach people how to do the tasks she needed help with AND a coaching program to teach business owners how to work with their assistants. 

Her response was immediate. She asked me if she could be my guinea pig and create the program around her. We agreed on a discounted rate since the program was in its infancy then we started almost immediately after the conference was over. 

For the next several months, I created everything around her needs. As each new client came onboard, I increased my prices and fine-tuned my program. 

A Business on 5 Continents

Today, I have 150+ clients on 5 continents. I've not only helped 150 clients to hire their assistants, but I've also helped that many assistants get jobs - during the pandemic! 

I get to do all of the things I love and more. Now I: 
  • Coach virtual assistants
  • Mentor business owners looking to hire
  • Build websites
  • Run an 8-week program helping clients establish an online business
  • Create courses
  • Have a team of my own
  • and so much more!
I love working with women in business especially and I look forward to serving you in bigger and better ways!

Inclusivity Statement

 Here at The Business Matchmaker, we value the unique & enriching gifts of each individual. Religion, race, age, sexual orientation, marital or maternity status, disability, economic standing, nationality, political affiliation, and more are valued deeply in all their varieties. We seek to have authentic connections where our differences elevate us.  All are welcome here.