10 Hours Per Week
Budget = Up to $30 CAD ($22 USD) Per Hour



Our Virtual Assistant will be an ongoing part of our Mynd Myself team. We are located in Canada, but serve people globally. Your primary role will be managing all the back-end work that keeps our business flowing well. 

This is not a marketing position - it is purely administrative with a touch of creativity. However, if you have marketing interests or skills, we intend to hire for that as we expand and there may be room for extra responsibility if desired.
  • Hours: Roughly 10 hours per week
  • Budget: Up to $1,300 CAD per month ($948 USD), commensurate with skill level and experience. That’s up to $30 CAD per hour (or $22 USD per hour, depending on the exchange rate). 
  • Create Social Graphics. This includes Facebook banners, YouTube thumbnails, social posts, and more. We will provide the verbiage and content. You just need to create the graphics in Canva. We do have an established brand with specific colors, fonts, and templates for you to use. You will follow our monthly social media calendar. We typically have 3 posts per week that follow our monthly themes. Currently, we just cross-post to Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Schedule Social Posts. We use Buffer but are open to any scheduler that might fit our goals. We also have a few people and organizations that you will tag in some of the posts. We will provide that information.
  • Prepare Virtual Events. We regularly host online health events through Zoom. Your role will be to help prepare and manage these events.This includes: 
  • Managing the Registration Process
    • Responding to messages
    • Coordinate with presenters so they have what they need
    • Scheduling emails before and after the event
    • Helping with the live Zoom meeting itself (muting attendees, monitoring the chat, etc). 
    • Sending the meeting recording and post-event emails to attendees
    • And more.  
  • Mild Video Editing. You do not need to be an expert video editor or reel creator! When we do events like those described above, we take snippets of the larger recordings and break them into smaller reels. You just need to know the very basics of how to splice a video, add captions, and schedule to our social platforms. We use Davinci Resolve since it’s free and works well, but if you prefer Canva or any other editing software, that’s wonderful. 
  • Manage the Calendar. We have our calendar for the year planned out completely. This makes it easy to see what is coming up, what needs to be done, and more. You will be responsible for following this calendar and organizing your task list according to the deadlines we have set up. As new things come up, you will also add those new items to our master calendar. 
  • Attend Virtual Events.Here are the live events we have planned so far: 
    • September 20, 2024 @ 10:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time. Topic = Breast Health
    • November 01, 2024 @ 10:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time. Topic = Sexual Health & Intimacy 
    • December 13, 2024 @ 10:00-11:30 AM Pacific Time. Topic = Staying True to You - Purpose  & Intention
  • Minor Website Updates. We use WordPress and Elementor for our website. You do not need to be a developer or designer! Periodically we add event updates to the site, we may ask you to publish a new blog post (that we will write and provide), or you could add our newest podcast episode to a new page. This could be as simple as duplicating existing pages and dropping in the provided content.  
  • Respond to Messages. You will be the primary point of contact for our business. You will monitor both our email and social media messages/comments/tags and respond accordingly on every platform. 
  • Send Virtual Newsletters.  Again, we will provide all the content so you can drop it into our newsletter software. We use MailChimp. 
  • Monitor MailChimp Statistics. We will work with you to establish a process where we can review our newsletter statistics like open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes, and more. 
  • Upload Recordings to YouTube. Upload event recordings, podcast episodes, and other similar content to YouTube. Organize existing content into playlists. 
  • Record SOP’s. We already have a solid database we can refer to for specific standard operating procedures. As new processes are created together, you will write out the process so we have it saved in our files. 
  • Create Efficiencies. We aim to be as effective and efficient as possible. Part of this role will be identifying areas of improvement so we can continue to refine our processes and procedures so they are most effective.Represent Our Brand. In all your interactions with our customers, social followers, practitioners, and other constituents, you will represent the Mynd Myself brand. We recognize that it will take time to capture our persona, business goals, and essential tone when communicating with others, but we are confident we can do it together. 

  • Tech-Savvy: You naturally catch on to various tech, software, and online tools. You also love managing the back end of online systems to make things more efficient.  You’ve used enough online tools that it’s fairly simple to dive in and learn a similar one. This is one of your superpowers.
  • Hyper-Organized: You may walk into a home office store and get excited about all the ways you can organize your life and business. You naturally create systems of success so everything has a place. 
  • Attention to Detail: You have a fierce commitment to accuracy, double-checking your work, and testing things out. You naturally see the details that others miss. When given a task, you organically see all that needs to happen from start to finish and potential holes that need to be addressed. 
  • Optimistic: You have a great attitude, you’re open-minded, and you’re curious.  When confronted with a problem, your mind immediately gets to work on possible solutions. We value a good sense of humor and those who don’t take themselves too seriously. 
  • Punctual: When you commit to a deadline, it’s as good as done. You are really good at seeing a deadline a few weeks away and working backward to plan out your schedule to meet that target!! 
  • Communicative: You don’t hold back your thoughts and opinions. Instead, you are good about taking up space and sharing your ideas with respect. You have no concerns or egos when it comes to asking questions or getting clarification. When a difficult conversation needs to happen, you confidently and collaboratively address it with the goal of elevating the relationship. 
  • Independent and Self-Driven: You don’t need constant reminders about your tasks and deadlines, just collaborative partnership as you get things done. You are superb at just getting shit done and doing it well.
  • Strong Work Ethic: Your integrity is your bedrock and it guides how you interact and engage with all aspects of the world around you. 
  • Challenge the Status Quo: You value asking questions like, “Why is this important? Is there another way to do this that is more efficient? Do we have to do it like this just because others do or is there a better way?”
  • Celebrate Learning Opportunities:  When mistakes or challenges occur, you see them as opportunities to learn and grow. You don’t try to bury, hide, or deceive others when something is done incorrectly. You simply acknowledge it, create a plan to solve it going forward, and move on.  
  • Interested in Health & Wellness: You find this niche intriguing and you may even have your own wellness journey where you’ve explored modern and holistic remedies. You get deep satisfaction from contributing to something that makes a difference in people's lives.
  • Excellent Written and Spoken English: You not only have impeccable grammar, but you use the language consistently enough that you understand the nuances of it both in writing and speaking.
  • Access to Computer & Internet: You have a strong internet connection (especially when we have live calls and you’re needed on the back end). You have a working and reliable computer. 
  • Preferably in Canada or the United States: We work in the Pacific Time Zone and rarely have availability in the evenings (which makes working in India, the Philippines, or similar time zones challenging). 
  • You LOVE admin work!
Here are the following tools we use that would be helpful for our VA to be familiar with. 
  • Microsoft Suite
  • Canva 
  • Buffer (open to similar tools)
  • Zoom
  • Davinci Resolve (open to similar tools)
  • WordPress Elementor
  • MailChimp
  • Youtube, Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram
  • Google Suite
  • You can work from anywhere!
  • You set your own working hours. 
  • There’s an opportunity to grow with the company and contribute to its growth. 
  • You will work with an appreciative small team who highly values your contributions.
  • You may develop transferable skills that benefit your career. 
  • Free attendance at any of our ongoing Myndful Health Events.

We can't wait to meet you! If you have any questions you can send us a message through our Contact Page

Please note: we will be out of town from July 3-14th. So if you apply or reach out during that time, we will get back to you as soon as we return and get a chance to look through the interested candidates. 

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