How to speak to your customers so they come back again, again... and again!

If you want to create customers that love your product/service so much that they do the marketing for you, then you’re in the right place. This post is jam packed with resources and exercises to help you get really clear on your messaging so people w...

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Resources Every Business Owner Must Have

My clients often ask me, “What tools should I use for my business?” If this is a question you have too, then roll up your sleeves because I’m finally putting together my “must-haves” for you.  CREATING A BUSINESS PLAN You wouldn't build a house witho...

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Common Myths About Why You Can't Hire A VA (but really can)

As a business owner myself, I totally understand the overwhelm that comes with trying to manage ALL. THE. THINGS. Luckily, I used to be a personal assistant to several entrepreneurs.  I could tell pretty quickly when it was time to get help with my o...

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50 Things a Virtual Assistant Can Do For You

Eek! If you're here, you either have an assistant already, or you are probably thinking about getting one. This is SUCH AN EXCITING move for your business! Truly, when people ask me what the best investment I've made in my business has been, an assis...

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