Bring Your Own Assistant

How Does it Work?

If you already have an assistant you have been working with, I can help you up-level that experience so you can accomplish even more together. If you have a brand new assistant that you want to start working with, not problem! We will plug them into my program so he/she is ready to support you.

Getting Started Call

We start by getting all of us on a call to see what your current processes are. How can we make them more efficient? What further training does your assistant need? Where would you like to be in your business? How can we optimize your assistant to support you in those goals? We will also go over some housekeeping items so you are working together well.

Assistant 1-1

Once we know where we need to focus, I will meet with your assistant to build upon their current skills, train them on existing and new tools, and more. We also review the training course together and create a plan on what to have them focus on. I will often set them up with members of my team for further training on specific programs you're using too.

Training Course

Once we've created a training plan, your assistant will go through my online training course at his/her own pace. We will focus on the specific things you want them to know and do. They will skip parts that are not applicable to you and your business. It is fully customizable so you are optimizing your time and finances well. Then I will build on this later 1-1.

Strengths Test

If your assistant has not already taken the Strengths Finder Test, I provide I code for them to take the top 5 test for free. This is an incredibly valuable tool to help you both work together effectively. I highly recommend checking out Eddie Villa and his resources on the strengths. You might also love his content on growing your business your way using your strengths.

Assistant Calls

Every Monday, I host a group call with all of the assistants in my program. I check in with them to see what questions they have or further support they need. This is a very collaborative call where we pool our collective knowledge together to solve problems, share resources, and ultimately support you in the best ways.

Coaching Call

You and I will get to meet again to see how things are going with your assistant. I also help you figure out what to delegate, how to automate your processes, share industry tips/tricks, and help you feel comfortable with all of your techy tools. This is a great time to dive into your business and discuss how we can make it run efficiently and optimize your assistant.

What's in the Training?

The big question is, "What do I teach the assistants?" Click below to see a snapshot of what's included. Be sure to review the Wish List to get an idea of all the things an assistant can do for you. The program also includes a suite of done-for-you material so you and your assistant can dive into projects faster. Check it all out below:


If you're ready to see if this program could be what you've been looking for, 
get on my calendar so we can chat more. 

"Megan is amazing! I had my own assistant, Cassi, who had been working for me for about a year. My struggle was knowing what to give her to do and how to explain what I needed help with.  Having Cassi
go through Megan’s course was the best thing I could do for both Cassi and my business!  We are so much more efficient now and Cassi understands what I am trying to accomplish and how to help me meet my goals!! If you have your own assistant, or are looking at hiring one, contact Megan - you will be so glad
you did!"
Terry Mecklin
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