Types of coaching

I work with business owners 1-1 and in group settings to help them with these things:


I help business owners figure out what systems would best support their business and then I teach them how to use those tools. I even help you set them up so you can get started confidently.


My clients often say they need someone to help them figure out a process that is authentic to them that supports their customers and business partners. I help you figure this out specific to your brand.


If you have an assistant or other team members that you want to better optimize and develop, I work with business owners to help you know who to hire, what to have them do, and how to delegate.

There are a lot of different kinds of business coaches and I strongly believe in finding the right one for you. I am completely transparent with potential clients if I feel that a different kind of coach would better serve them. Before hiring a coach, first get clear on what you're goals are and how you see a coach helping you get there.


Megan talks so fast, which is incredible because we fit SO much in in an hour! Every time I hop off a call with her I’m always amazed at how much we got done. She is so non-judgemental and allows me the space to be a human. She gets it as a mom with kids + a business owner. She truly knows SO MANY people! She has so many connections and valuable resources - I think that’s probably been the most valuable thing about her. That, and she really, really believes in me. I can feel it. She is seriously the PERFECT one to be doing what she does. she’s in her zone of genius and makes it easily and fun for you to stay in yours! Also, she’s affordable. I think she could charge more but she doesn’t. It’s awesome all-around. Love you Megan!
Lizzie Langston 
Postpartum Life Coach