EO Biz Makeover
Coaching + Implementation


What if you could have your essential oil business organized in just 2 months? 

Imagine having all of your systems set up, your prospect/customer/builder processes built out, and everything organized so you OR your assistant can easily run with it.

Week By Week Plan

Your Business After 8 Weeks....

You Will Get....

Week 1 - Foundations
During this week, we will break down your business and start outlining strategic goals.

  • Get you fully setup on Click Up (it's free)
  • Start developing your master task list
  • Start dropping in your goals, recurring tasks, and more into ClickUp.
  • Add your passwords to Last Pass (if needed)
Learn more here: https://youtu.be/9kl77x8ZycE 
Week 2 - Systems Set Up Round 1
This is a key week getting some of your key systems set up. You can choose 4 systems to have fully functioning for you. 

  • Set up 4 systems
  • Create accounts for preferred systems
  • Create tutorials for each system
  • Add tutorials and tasks to ClickUp
  • and more
Learn more here: https://youtu.be/ISONRlsBr_k 
Week 3 - Systems Set Up Round 2
We will build on what we started on week 2 as we continue to build out 4 other systems for you this week. 

Learn more here: https://youtu.be/ISONRlsBr_k 
Week 4 - Back Office
This week, we will deep dive into how you use the Back Office. Out goal is to help you feel confident using the back office and knowing what reports will best serve your team and goals. We will review reports, power of 3, placements, ran advancement, and more.

  • Create a database for your reports to live. 
  • Run all reports we discussed. 
  • Upload 6 reports to the platform of choice and set up tags to organize your contacts. 
  • Add these reports as recurring tasks to your ClickUp. 
  • Record tutorials that you can always have. 
Learn more here: https://youtu.be/Op5qAiLWhQ4 
Week 5 - Customer Process
We will break down your ideal customer process and set up systems to support them so no one gets lost. 

  • Create a personalized process outlined in ClickUp so your customers are never lost. 
  • Record and include tutorials 
  • Customize a Welcome Packet that you can send to your customers (digitally or printed).
Learn more here: https://youtu.be/_Z0OkO43tns 
Week 6 - Prospect Process
During this week, we will refine your prospect process from the initial meeting to enrollment.

  • Create a personalized process outlined in ClickUp so your prospects are never lost. 
  • Record and include tutorials
Learn more here: https://youtu.be/717scDRFXz4 
Week 7 - Business Partner Process
Business partners are important! We will go over your ideal process when bringing on a new builder and supporting your current ones. This will include creating a personalized process outlined in ClickUp so your business partners are well supported. We will also record tutorials specific to you. 

Learn more here: https://youtu.be/pDWAmW12LRU 
Week 8 - Final Revisions + Training
This week is all about finishing up! We will go over final revisions and train on anything you still have questions about. 

  • Create and refine task list In ClickUp
  • Create tutorials for tasks
  • Ensure you feel totally confident with everything we created
  • Update your master task list so you have a solid plan moving forward. 
Learn more here: https://youtu.be/v38ITGTe0FI 

Systems We Can Set Up

Continuing Education
Google Drive Clean Up
FB Communities
Last Pass
Mailbox Power
Many Chat
Mighty Networks Set Up
My Event Cafe
My Event Cafe
Newsletter Set Up
Oil Study
Project Broadcast
Oil Camp
Shipping Processes
Shout SMS
Wavoto Back End

Don't see your program? Message us below to inquire if it's a system we are familiar with.

Who is this for?

This program is ideal for any stage and rank. 
If you are newer in your business and just need some foundations set up (without hiring an ongoing assistant), this is for you. Many at this stage are overwhelmed by all the techy things and never get set up appropriately. The result is they end up spending too much time on the wrong things. We have worked with hundreds of essential oil leaders and love helping them map out their processes effectively.
Seasoned Leaders 
If you are an established leader with an assistant (or planning to hire one), this program will lay your foundation so it's easier to delegate. Many in this stage know they need help, but don't quite know what to pass on. Others are stressed at setting up their processes so an assistant can easily step in and help manage things. We will set up a complete system that makes it easy for anyone to take over.
What if I don't need all 8 weeks? 
You can choose the ones you need the most and disregard the rest. Message us below and we can give you individual pricing for the pieces you do need help with. 

What is my time commitment for the 8 weeks? 
You would need to be able to commit to 2 hours every week for 8 weeks. 1 hour for the coaching call and 1 hour for your homework.

What is the cost? 
Currently, the cost is 4,000 total for the two months (broken up into 1-3 payments). This price is subject to increase at any time. The cost may also be different if you need fewer or more things done. 

What if I already have an assistant? Can he/she do the implementation pieces?
Great! You can choose to do just the coaching piece instead and have your assistant do the implementation. We cannot guarantee the results if your VA steps in though. There will be several custom things that only we can do and there may be an added cost to train your VA if he/she is not familar with certain things. Otherwise, it would still be beneficial to have your VA present on the calls. 

What if I don't see the system/program that I need help with? 
Send us a message below to see if it's a program we are familiar with. There are an infinite number of systems out there, and while we know many of them, there are some we don't know and others we choose not to work with. 

What if I would like to hire an assistant? 
Wonderful! You can learn more about our essential oil assistant programs here: https://www.meganlloyd.org/eo-assistant/

Would you like to know if this could be right for you? Send us a message below or schedule a quick Zoom call above.

"Megan and Jamie have helped me transform our doTERRA business! I have big ideas but am terrible about organizing thoughts into actionable items. Not only did they help me flush out my business strategies, they helped me actually CREATE the zillion pieces and assemble the systems. Absolute game changers!
Melissa Esguerra
doTERRA Blue Diamond, Functional Medicine Practitioner, Doctor of Chiropractic
Working with Megan is an absolute joy! When you are doing hard things, it's important to have people who inspire and challenge you, but also show you the practical side of growing your business with consistency. The systems education was mind-boggling and detailed, which I need. This program helped me not only envision what my business could look like, but provided a blueprint for automation that is well worth the money. In fact, I would have paid more had I known all this program would entail. If you are hesitating to work with Megan - don't. She provides actionable steps and implementation while meeting you where you are. She is a gem and I am eternally grateful.
Becca Shugart
Certified Nutritional Consultant / Certified Essential Oil Specialist / doTERRA Leader
"I’m new to my EO business and needed solid systems to nurture my team and customers while staying organized. Megan and Jamie exceeded my expectations in creating a foundational system that can be easily duplicated for my growing team.  This allows me to automate a good portion of my business so that I can focus on growth. The best part - it was tailored to my needs as a business owner and not a cookie-cutter system. Highly recommend this dynamic duo of a team for your business!  
lawena painter
dōTERRA Founder 2.0 and Platinum Leader
"Megan was amazing to work with! I love her attention to detail and her ability to organize all of my thoughts. She introduced me to click up which has been a great addition to my business helping me take my to do list from scattering my brain to a format that allows me to create reusable templates and checklists for activities I do over and over. I love that I now have an organized system to launch builders and sharers so I don't forget anything I would like to share with them! Thank you Megan!" 
"Wow! What a transformative time we spent together! Megan's Biz Makeover Program was everything I needed and more! Due to some unforeseen changes in my doTERRA business, I was finding myself disorganized and lacking all the systems and automaticity that would help me to focus on my business and grow my community. Megan and Jamie had everything all laid out for me and provided soooo much quality content for me to utilize. They were both so professional, organized, efficient, and had incredible follow-through with everything. They answered all of my questions, even the ones I didn't know I had! This program is the bees-knees I tell ya! If you are looking to get out of your own way and propel yourself + your business forward, this is your ticket for a smooth ride!" 
Jackie Imbrogno
dōTERRA Platinum Leader, Speech Language Pathologist