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Are you looking for incredible work-from-home jobs? My clients hire me to find stellar people like you to support them as their Virtual Assistant.

Essential Oil Assistant

Most of my clients (but not all) are essential oil leaders who are looking to hire a Virtual Assistant or Social Media Manager. Here are the details about that program. It is FREE to those who apply and are accepted.


  • "Megan’s program prepared me to support a doTERRA Presidential Diamond. It gave me doTERRA background knowledge, and training in the latest technologies to serve as a virtual assistant.  Many of the skills I learned in her program can be used in other occupations, my own business and my degree. Her continuing support is invaluable and she truly wants to help all of her assistants succeed."
      Hired Assistant
"I was blown away by Megan’s professionalism and training program.  She matched me up with clients quickly.  The on-going Assistant Calls are awesome!  I love being able to learn from the other assistants and Megan on a weekly basis.  This is my first job in 17 years (stay-at-home-mom!) and it has been such a blast working with my leaders.  I have referred several people to Megan and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to work as a VA!"
Hired Assistant
"Megan’s training program is invaluable. It’s laid out perfectly and is incredibly thorough. Megan matched me up with clients while I was still going through the training. She's truly an amazing matchmaker. My client is my dream leader. When I finished the training, I was completely ready to serve my client and anticipate her needs! The weekly Assistant Coaching Calls with Megan and my fellow assistants have become one of my favorite times of the week, I learn something new during every call. Megan also has TONS of additional resources set up that assistants can continue to access after training. These resources have saved me so much time and energy-and truly help me to serve my client effectively"
Hired Assistant 
"Megan must have 2 brains and 48 hours in a day because I do not know how she does it all! She is a fantastic resource and support system and stays so knowledgeable about the best platforms and tools for assistants. My favorite thing about her is her ability to create clear expectations and boundaries so that everyone is happy and in sync. She is a wonderful business partner and truly takes care of everyone in her circle. Thank you Megan"
Hired Assistant 
"What makes Megan different, is that she is always there to support you. No matter how long you have been a part of her program. She is always there to lend an ear for advice or even collaborate on an idea you bring to her."
Hired Assistant 
"I'm so grateful I found Megan's program. Her training was detailed and straight forward, and I felt prepared to start working when I got hired. The support I've received since getting hired has been incredible; from weekly group calls, to the Facebook community, to one-on-one with Megan, any question I had was answered in short order. Megan is masterful at teaching healthy communication and helping us serve our clients in the best way possible.
I consider it a miracle that Megan entered my life and enabled me to be a business owner (a lifelong goal of mine), doing work I love from home. The possibilities for growth are endless, and I'm so grateful Megan prepared me for this journey."
Hired Assistant
"Megan Lloyd delivers a top-notch training program. My client and I have both benefited from Megan's resourcefulness, organization, and experience in the online marketing world. Her weekly support calls are an invaluable resource of tips on how to build your online business almost effortlessly! I would recommend Megan to anyone looking to make online business easy."
Virtual Assistant
"I have been very impressed with Megan and her company! I was blown away by the amount of time and effort she put into her training program. It is very thorough and well thought out. The support I received from both Megan, and her team, while I was going through the training program was fantastic. They promptly answered every question or concern I had. Megan is very kind, patient, and she knows her stuff. I am truly grateful to be a part of her assistants program!"
"Megan offered me an opportunity that has changed my life for the better. I knew I wanted to re enter the workforce, but still be a full time mother to my 3 kids. Becoming a virtual assistant through Megan's program and training gave me the best of both worlds, having a job but also still being a present mom to my kids. Megan’s program was so easy to understand and learn, and she provided all the tools necessary for me to succeed and get hired. She continues to provide support when needed and is so knowledgeable within the tech space. I love working as an assistant and it truly was a blessing that I was able to train with Megan!"
"Finding you has been one of the best things that happened to me on this 2021. And I mean it, getting enrolled in your program has definitely changed my life in all aspects. I've been growing personally, professionally, and financially as well. I'm able to support and take care of family, to invest on myself. I bought my dream computer within 2 months of being hired, like mind-blowing to me, and the list goes on and on.  Maybe you've heard this so many times before but, what you do is so much more than connecting service providers with potential clients... You transform people's life, support them, make sure they are actually growing and flourishing in this field. Thank God he put you on my path. I'm so proud of myself and of all things I've achieved in just 4 months that I want to cry like seriously!!! Again, many thanks for what you do, overall for everything"
hired assistant in Honduras 
"I found The Business Matchmaker by accident. I was looking on a freelance work website and came across a job listing that seemed right up my alley. When I clicked to contact, it put me in touch with Megan, who was recruiting potential Virtual Assistants for a client.

I interviewed with Megan twice and once directly with the client and was hired! In our case, Megan definitely knew how to match us.  She asked the right questions and put us both at ease to get started working together. She gave us a space to discuss our guidelines and gain the best knowledge of how to make our work relationship run as smooth as possible right off the bat. I have been assisting my client for a year now and it has been wonderful.

I also really appreciated being closely supported by Megan and her team in the first three months of this job. From the webinars, tool trainings, phone calls, and direct access to getting specific questions answered, it was super helpful!"  
"From the very start of my relationship with Megan, it was authentic and warm. I first connected with her on Instagram and she quickly had me in the process of finding me a client/s to work with. The process was fast, streamlined and felt like it flowed seamlessly. Megan provides an amazing value-packed course that leaves you with no questions prior to obtaining work, which I believe is an amazing reference to go back to if need be.  Megan really delves in and honours what you are passionate about and she sources a client that fits your interests best. The clients that Megan has put me in touch with and supported us, I consider my 'ideal clients' still today. 

When doing packages for clients nowadays and they ask if I can do ongoing work, I instead recommend Megan to help them find their Assistant as I know that if you are with Megan, you are in very experienced, honest and safe hands

I feel honoured that we connected when we did and she has helped shape my career as it stands today. I definitely recommend working with her if you are seeking a Virtual Assistant or if you're looking for a client! She is the 'go-to!"
Hired Assistant