One of my superpowers is connecting business owners with hires that are a great match. To date, I've helped 160+ people on 5 continents to find their stellar hires (mostly contractors) including virtual assistants, copywriters, web designers, graphic designers, and more.


Option 1, Hire Our Team: You can work with one or several of the stellar team members I have already within my agency if they fit your needs. You get access to a team of experts as your needs grow and my ongoing support.  

Option 2, Recruiting + Work With Our Team: If I don't have anyone  on my team who matches your needs, we will start the search described below and bring them onto my team. You get access to a rgroup of experts as your needs grow and my ongoing support. 

Option 3, Recruiting Only: You can hire me to help you manage the hiring and search process. You work with your hire separately from my team and without our ongoing support.


We've found that after our clients get matched with their hires, they undoubtedly need more support. They may need help knowing what to delegate next, how to communicate their needs, how to use a project management tool, how to find an additional hire as they grow or need a replacement, what to focus on in their business next, what tools/programs will support their business most, how to train their hire if additional skills are needed, and so much more. We do all of this within the agency! You get strategy and management in addition to your new hire. This includes a Business Audit every 3 months where we develop an action plan for my team to implement.


If you wish to hire outside of my team or we don't have the person you need already here, this is the process we follow to find a great match for you. This can take just a few days or up to 4 weeks depending on the position and your needs.


The very first step is to identify the greatest needs you have in your business. What tasks do you need help with the most? What is the source of your overwhelm? What projects/skills are priority?

I like to have this conversation over Zoom to really get to the heart of your needs. This is perhaps the most crucial step because many will try to hire a virtual assistant, for example, without a clear understanding of what they even need help with. This means the right candidates are not being found and the person hired may not actually be a good fit at all.

I assess your personality traits, working style, location, tasks, skill-set needed, budget, and more. 


One we have clarity on who we are looking for, I get to work on writing the job description. 

This is often overlooked and replaced by a social media post with a lot of missing elements. Crafting the post with the right information will attract more qualified and interested candidates.

The best part about this is that all you have to do is show up on zoom for the above call and approve the job description after I write it. Our intention is to ease the burden as much as possible. 


Another oversite I often see is neglecting to set up the back end of the search process so it's streamlined. We have a very clear system in place for people to apply so the candidates feel taken care of. 

Many candidates even tell us how enjoyable the process was even if they were not hired. 

We also have automations in place that funnel the applications into a clear location so no one is missed and the most important details immediately stand out. 


I use a variety of methods to reach the right people. One of the first ones I leverage is my personal contact list. I've spend the last several years building up a personal database full of service providers for this very moment - so I can call upon them when someone like you is ready to hire. 

I may also use Facebook ads, classifieds, social media groups, Upwork, Fiverr, and more depending on the position. 


Not only do we relieve the time stress of reviewing all the possible candidates, but we know exactly what to look for. 

We've reviewed hundreds of applications and we've personally interviewed over a thousand people. We have this dialed in. 

We review everyone that applies and will invite our favorites to an initial screening call (aka discovery call). You only need to be on final interviews if needed. 

Once we have the clear candidate, you can start working together!


If you're hiring within my team, the onboarding support is very thorough. We do an initial call to get you started. We also create your project management system and fill it with templates and your initial task list. We create an action plan for the next 3 months to achieve your goals. 

If you hire outside my team, we will send you a recorded video to watch and do a basic getting started call just to get you both on the same page. You will be responsible for setting up your project management tool and knowing what/how to delegate. 


One of the top indicators of success for entrepreneurs is their ability to hire and delegate. Many start as solopreneurs with no idea that they will one day need to hire. So the tasks grow and stress builds. I'm here to bridge that gap so the overwhelm doesn't hinder your growth.

We'd love to hear about your business and how we can support you!