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Whether you need a project manager, web designer, social media manager, graphic designer, or even someone who specializes in a specific program, I've got you covered.

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Do you need an assistant for your essential oil business or something else entirely? I work with network marketers, life coaches, bloggers, podcasters, authors, and more in my Recruiting & Staffing Program. 


"The absolute BEST investment I made that year was hiring Megan Lloyd to help me find an assistant. I knew I needed an assistant. I knew I needed help in my business. I knew I needed organization. But I had NO idea how to put it together. I had no idea where to start looking or how to even interview someone once I did find them. Megan took all of that off my shoulders. She sat with me and asked me questions and was able to turn my ramblings into a list of EXACTLY what I needed. From there she was able to find the perfect candidate for me. She was with me in the interview and that was a HUGE help. You don't realize how important interviewing skills are until you are interviewing someone and realize you have no skills. But Megan does. And she made up for everything I lacked. And then she found the perfect person to do that for me on a daily basis as my assistant. I am so much more productive and creative this year, and it is all because of having the help I knew I needed. I am organized, and creative. The small stuff is off my plate and I am free to grow. I recommend Megan to all of my leaders and friends looking for help. I even told my husband in a totally different company to work with Megan because she knows what to do. And she knows who will fit best with you. I love my assistants so much and I am so grateful I just went for it! "
Angela Villa
doTERRA Blue Diamond
"When you need to hire a VA that's trained up and ready to hit the ground running, with ongoing support added in,  you can't afford to NOT give Megan a call.  As a business owner with previous management & operations experience, I was new to working with VA's.  A totally different business mindset and approach is needed when working with independent contractors.  Megan was able to guide me and hone in on the tangibles, and also the intuitive intangibles, around finding the right working synergy with a VA.  Having Megan's training base for VA's to refer back to has been such a relief.  I'll continue to count on Megan's best-practices to run my business with VA's."
Jennifer Casani 
Business Mentor, MBA, Wellness Counselor
"I’m so happy I stumbled across finding Megan! I was in search of help with my business and really didn’t even know where to start or what I needed or what to do. Megan made the entire process super easy with lots of support making sure to find me the perfect person to help me grow my business, which has also given me more time to spend doing the things I love including spending time with my family.  
I’m very thankful for her and would highly recommend Megan!
Maria Van Tiflin