Ready to Go Assistants



How Does it Work?

 If you are an essential oil leader needing a virtual assistant, I know it can be overwhelming to find the right person. You have to create an application, review all the resumes, conduct interviews, and more. Once you have someone you're ready to work with, training that person is a whole other challenge. My goal is to remove both obstacles altogether by doing them for you. Aren't you so lucky?! In fact, I have pre-trained stellar people to support you. This training is specific to the tasks you are doing in your essential oil business! So all you have to do is choose a few people that you want to meet, then we can get started! Psst... I also pay for each assistant to have a background check done. Hurray! 
Here's how that works:

Assistant Videos

Once you are ready to get started, I will send you videos of the people I have available. These people have (or are going through) my training, they've take their strengths test, and more. Now you get to decide who to meet!


Next, you get to meet some fabulous people. I am on 2 interviews with you, but you can meet as many as you wish. Don't worry, I can conduct the whole meeting if you don't know what to say or ask. These are casual, yet productive conversations.

Getting Started Call

Once you've chosen someone that you are excited to work with, we schedule a Getting Started Call with the 3 of us. We will go over all the housekeeping items needed help you two get going on the right track. 

1-1 Training

Now that your assistant has been hired and has gone through the base camp training, my team and I meet with him/her to go more in depth with your priority tasks so they are ready to support you. We build upon their training and even discuss additional things that are important to you specifically.

Assistant Calls

Every Monday, I host a group call with all of the assistants in my program. This is a very collaborative call where we pool our collective knowledge together to solve problems, share resources, and ultimately support you in the best ways.

Coaching Call

You get a 1 hour coaching call with me as part of the program. I help you figure out what to delegate, how to automate your systems, and even help you navigate your techy tools. My goal is to help you feel confident working with an assistant AND rock your business.

What's in the Training?

The big question is, "What do I teach the assistants?" Click below to see a snapshot of what's included. Be sure to review the Wish List to get an idea of all the things an assistant can do for you. The program also includes a suite of done-for-you material so you and your assistant can dive into projects faster. Check it all out below:

Meet With Megan

If you're ready to see if this program could be what you've been looking for, get on my calendar so we can chat more.
"When it was time to add an assistant to my team, I was worried about all of the time it would take to train her on my business and the systems that I use. Megan has been such a godsend! Not only did she set up interviews very quickly with several potential VAs that matched my wishlist, but she also guided me through the interview process by asking questions that I didn't even think about! Plus, when I found the perfect match for my business, not only was my new assistant skilled, but she also came to the table with ideas to get started right away using Megan's plug-and-play materials!"
Jenna Dancy 
Founder of Freedom Funnels & doTERRA Gold
"I've known for awhile that in order for me to uplevel in my business, I needed to outsource and hire an assistant, but I always put it on the back burner. It was never a money or scarcity issue for me, but my hesitation was more about the overwhelm I felt in thinking about everything that goes into the hiring process and then actually training someone. Megan removed all of that for me. The entire process -  finding, interviewing, hiring, onboarding, and training an assistant - was so easy, because Megan does almost all of it for you. She has an eye for spotting talent and potential candidates with strong executing strengths. On top of that, she has an impeccable instinct for matching personality types that work well together. Megan works quickly, she’s positive, well-organized, honest, straight-forward, reassuring… everything I needed to make this easy for me. Thank you, Megan! "
Amy Glenn
doTERRA Blue Diamond
"I purchased Megan's Virtual Assistant Program this year and it has been amazing for my business and my personal life! The process was so easy, Megan is fantastic to work with, and having the video "interviews" with potential assistants was great. The coaching calls helped me think about my business in a different way - more of a steering the ship rather than tossing about on the waves. I'm still learning this process and Megan has so many tools available to help. I love working with my assistant, Alyssa! She is great at her job, flexible and I love when she brings ideas to the table. I've gotten so much ROI from this purchase and I highly recommend Megan and her assistant's program to anyone wanting to up-level their business. "
Rebecca Shugart
"Working with Megan to find an assistant that really matches well with me and my needs and who I am was the highlight of this experience. She has a knack for matching business partners up according to their personalities, likes, strengths, and needs. I found two amazing assistant through working with Megan. I love having Megan's on-demand training resources for my assistant. It allowed me to focus on the things that needed my full attention while her on-demand resources could do the training my assistant required. Megan, I'm forever in your debt!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 
Leah Karratti
"The truth is, if it weren't for what Megan offers, I wouldn't have re-engaged in my business, maybe ever again. I had grown a large global network marketing team (doTERRA) since 2009 but took a long 2-year break out of overwhelm, as well as health challenges that arose. When I decided it was time to re-engage in my business, it was only under the condition that it would be systematic, simple, effective and that I could hire an assistant who would run the backend technology side well. 
I found Megan who connected me to my current assistant who has worked for me now since May. My business and my personal life balance has never been more peaceful. My assistant only works 10 hours/week, and now I work as many or as little hours as I wan to, which currently isn't very many. This has never been the case; so it's been revolutionary for me.
From connecting me to the best assistant for me, running the interview process, training my assistant, creating or providing all the content needed for her to run things, to recommending current useful tools to help me run this as simply as possible, this is just what my business needed!
I can't recommend Megan enough and will forever be grateful for her brilliance!"
Chelsea Stevens