Recruiting Program 


How Does it Work?

Regardless of what industry you are in, I can help you find the people you need for your team. Do you need someone local? Do you need someone that has special skill-sets like project management, event planning, website creation, social media management, or more? Do you own your own business and just need an every day virtual assistant to support your growth? Then you're in the right place. Here's how my program works:

Your Needs

First, we will get clear on the tasks you want an assistant to do for you, the specific type of person you want to work with, where they are located, what skills/languages they need and more. Do you need an assistant, graphic designer, or something else?

Landing Page

Based on our conversation, I will draft a job description, application, and a landing page for your position so people can apply. I will have you approve everything before it goes live and make any edits that you need.

Advertising the Position

I use Upwork, Fiverr, Indeed, Instagram, classifieds, and more to promote the position. Then provide you with an image and script that you can use to post to your social media. I can also email those on your mailing list.

CAndidate Screening

As the applications come in, I review each one and filter out the top candidates based on your needs. I have reviewed 1,000+ resumes so I know what to look for. You can breathe easy knowing you don't have to sift through applications!

Message Management

The hiring process often involves a LOT of emails and communication including questions about the position, clarification on resumes, updating candidates on the hiring status, scheduling, rejection/offer emails, and more. I handle all of that for you so it's completely stress free.

1st Interviews

We invite the best candidates for an initial interview. This helps us feel out if they have the skills and qualifications you are looking for. You are welcome to join these if you wish, but most choose to only join the final interviews. 

2nd Interviews

Once I've narrowed down the top candidates, I schedule final interviews with you, myself, and each candidate so you can get to know the best ones. There are generally 2-4 people. I can facilitate that conversation completely if you wish. Then you and I discuss the pros & cons of each one to help you decide.

Getting Started Call

Once you have someone you are ready to hire (yay!), then we schedule a Zoom call to go over all of the housekeeping items needed to get you both started in the right direction. This includes how to track hours, pay periods, communication, expectations, taxes (defer to your accountant), and more.

Coaching Call

I will spend some time 1-1 with your assistant to help prep him/her for the role based on your needs. I will also help you both set up systems of success that promote effective communication and productivity. I even work with you to delegate like a boss so you two can rock it together.

Meet With Megan

If you're ready to see if this program could be what you've been looking for, get on my calendar so we can chat more.
"I was totally overwhelmed, thinking about how to hire team members for my company, and the overwhelm had me resisting taking any action. Just getting myself to post for a recruiter on Upwork was a breakthrough. Then, I received about 10 applications within 24hrs, and was ever more overwhelmed and stopped, thinking about having to go through the screening process for all of these people. How would I do it? How long would it take? How would I know who the right person is for the role? What if I mis-hire? And, THAT was all just me looking for someone who could find me the person for the role I was actually looking to fill, not even the actual new team member I needed, LOL.

The game changer was when my wife introduced me to a recruiter and staffing strategist, named Megan Lloyd. I booked a call and showed up with some information about my company vision, goals, values, and the team culture I wanted to create. I knew what role I needed to fill and had a basic job description, that I modeled from a template, but I really needed help refining it.

This amazing woman, this absolute MASTER, took my info from me and handled EVERYTHING—from helping me clarify my expectations, to updating the job description, to posting, to finding, to screening, to conducting the interviews, to helping me evaluate each of the candidates. Then, once I made the choice, she handled the hiring and initial onboarding, including negotiating the hourly rate, running the background checks, and even provided agreement templates for me to model. What I paid her her services was nothing for the value that she waaaay over delivered on; saving me so much time, energy, stress, overwhelm, and I’m sure any loss of investment it would have cost me if I had tried to do it myself and mis-hired. In the end, she actually found me two new team members, and my two new hires are an outstanding fit—I do not think I would have succeeded on my own, at least not without missteps and not in the time it took her, which was only about 2 1/2 weeks from beginning to end. Regardless of the type of business or entrepreneur—she brings incredible expertise, communication, service, and value and working with her was one of THE BEST investments I have EVER made in my business.
Jason Moore
Founder & CEO, Awaken Hero Academy & Adventures 
"This process has been so cool and such a relief. You pretty much make magic happen. I’m so grateful!"
Jande Summer 
Jande Summer Designs (Etsy Creator)
"Megan really helped me in a very professional manner to find the right fit for me for a VA. She also helped me think “outside the box”!"
April Pittcairn
presidential director - optavia