A 90 Day Virtual Assistant Training Program

Welcome to Operation Rise.

This program will give you access to the most comprehensive (yet simple to implement) game plan to start or scale your Virtual Assistant business in just 3 months or less. 



"Megan has absolutely been the best choice I have ever made. Before her, I had built a portfolio and applied to many virtual assistant positions without success. I did not know what I was doing wrong. After just two sessions with Megan, I had five or six emails from potential clients the following week! I landed my first position very shortly after. If you are ready to elevate your business, I highly recommend Megan - you will not be disappointed!" 
"I was blown away by Megan’s professionalism and training program.  This is my first job in 17 years (stay-at-home-mom!) and it has been such a blast.  I have referred several people to Megan and highly recommend her to anyone wanting to work as a VA!"
"I'm so grateful I found Megan's program. Her training was detailed and straight forward, and I felt prepared to start working when I got hired. Megan is masterful at teaching healthy communication and helping us serve our clients in the best way possible. I consider it a miracle that Megan entered my life and enabled me to be a business owner (a lifelong goal of mine), doing work I love from home. The possibilities for growth are endless, and I'm so grateful Megan prepared me for this journey."

the 9 checkpoints

This program is divided into 9 different checkpoints starting from the very beginning where we develop your offers. Then we go all the way through settting up your business, finding clients, onboarding, offboarding, and so much more. 

Checkpoint 1
Creating your offers

Whether you are new or seasoned, this is the first step to getting higher paying clients. We must develop your offer. If you don't yet have a solid offer, we will help you create one

This includes helping you identify which kind of VA you want to be plus some training to uplevel your skills and help you land on a specific VA type. 

Checkpoint 2
Portfolios & Pricing

Once you have a solid offer, it's important that we showcase it! We will teach you how to create a portfolio ethically even if you have never worked with a client before! Remember, resumes show what you have done, portfolios show what you can do. 

Depending on your offers, a portfolio can come in many ways including a Canva presentation, website, social media accounts, and more. We will also help you to nail down your pricing with some exercises that will help you charge your worth. 

Checkpoint 3
Setting Up Your Business

If you're starting this journey just to have something on the side OR you intend to have this replace your full time income, you need a contract and several other crucial things ready. 

We will pave the way so it's not as overwhelming. Also, we've partnered with a lawyer who has some stellar contract templates ready for you!

Checkpoint 4
Mindset Matters

This program is packed full of actionable steps and resources, BUT we do have some mindset things to unpack if you want to be successful in this space. Transitioning from corporate to freelancing requires a completely different mentality that frankly, not everyone is ready for. 

We will break them down for you so you are ready to own this thing! You will learn how to handle rejection, bust some myths, and shift your thinking to thrive in this space.

Checkpoint 5
Finding Clients & Preventing Scams

Our philosophy is not to teach you one or two methods to finding clients, but MANY. We do this so you can pick and choose a strategy that works for you personally. 

Some have incredible success with Facebook Groups while others swear by Chamber of Commerce events. We will introduce you to nearly 10 different methods you can use to find the right clients for you. 

Oh and, we will also empower you to identify scams right away so you are always protected.

Checkpoint 6
Creating a Freebie to Grow an Email List

We are going to teach you a simple way to create a mini but mighty freebie opt in so you can always be growing your email list. This is one of the best ways to keep an open pipeline of potential clients. 

Checkpoint 7
Discovery Calls

Yay! You have a potential client that wants to meet you. Now, how do you prepare for that call? Breathe easy because we've got a very simple yet effective way to show your value on this call while leaving the client with a "WOW" experience. 

We also know many prefer not to have these calls. We will show you an alternative that invites prospects to audio message you on IG or FB. **Just so it's clear, we do not promote cold messaging on social media. There are many more effective methods. 

Checkpoint 8
Onboarding Clients

This is the moment you've been waiting for - the client is ready to get started! One of the best ways to show you are invaluable to them is by developing a smooth onboarding process. 

We have templates, processes, and more to help you leave your clients feeling so taken care of. We will share free and paid options. 

Checkpoint 9
Supporting Clients

This is the fun part. You now get to show clients why they hired you and not someone else. We will show you how to set up your communication, reports, quarterly reviews, and more to really love on and nurture your clients. 



You will have forever access to the course material, but the support and audits will last 3 months from the date of enrollment. You do have the option to purchase month to month support as needed after the first 3 months expire.


Crucial Convos Library
As an Enneagram 8, boundaries are at the top of Megan's priorities and skillset. We have a database full of scripts for most of the situations you may encounter. They are direct, professional, and can even improve your client relationships.
Choose Your Path Series
It can be hard knowing what kind of services you want to offer. There's tech support, copywriting, social media management, operations support, and more. We've included some basecamp training to get you started with some of the most common ones.
Nerds Win: Tech Training 
As a VA, there's no doubt that your ability to grasp various softwares and programs will uplevel your customer experience. I'm sharing my vault of tech training so you can learn some of these tools and refer back to them when needed.

Bonus Referrals

At The Business Matchmaker, we often pair hiring clients with their VA's.  To date, we've matched 160+ clients on 5 continents with stellar virtual assistants. 

If we can see that you have put in the effort and could be a great fit for one of our clients, we may refer you to them! 

Please note: Referrals are not guarantees.  They are simply possibilities and are separate from this program.


($1297) $597 ONE TIME 


($445) $180 PER MONTH FOR 3 MONTHS


We've coached nearly 200 people on the content within this program and we are so excited to finally have it in a format that is so accessible, streamlined, comprehensive, and actionable. We've put together all of our best resources and 14+ years of experience all IN ONE PLACE! The pricing will increase after this beta launch to account for the high touch points and comprehensive content.


"Megan offered me an opportunity that has changed my life for the better. I knew I wanted to re-enter the workforce, but still be a full time mother to my 3 kids. Becoming a virtual assistant through Megan's program and training gave me the best of both worlds, having a job but also still being a present mom to my kids. Megan’s program was so easy to understand and learn, and she provided all the tools necessary for me to succeed and get hired
"From the very start of my relationship with Megan, it was authentic and warm. Megan provides an amazing value-packed course that leaves you with no questions prior to obtaining work, which I believe is an amazing reference to go back to if need be. She is the 'go-to!"

You're a great fit if you're a:

  • High-vibe individual who brings positive energy and gives just as much as they take. 
  • Visionary who feels called to have an impact on the world and create a business that truly serves their audience.
  • Positive force who believes that success is possible. 
  • Doer that will put in the work to reach your goals. 
  • Learner who's ready to soak in new knowledge AND who can unlearn things they thought they knew, but are no longer serving them. 
  • Someone who's ready to take a chance on themselves and who desires the freedom of being their own boss.

You are not a good fit if:

  • You shut down possibilities and complain along the way. 
  • You have all the answers already and reject new ideas. 
  • You are not willing to put in the work. The secret to success is hard work (on your end) and proven strategies (on our end). 
  • You wonder why you aren't successful, yet you don't ask for help, join the calls, don't apply the strategies, and don't consume the course content.
  • You are here just to make money. Don't get us wrong, we want that too. But if it's your only purpose, you won't find the results you are looking for. 
  • You aren't willing to do the mindset work. Look, this is a very action-oriented program, but we also know there are some very real mindset blocks that prevent people from having success. We will work on both mindset and practical application in this program. 

"The best investment you can make is an investment in yourself. The more you learn, the more you'll earn."

Warren Buffett

What this program is not

  1. Unlike other programs, we do not guarantee things that are not in our control (like income and number of clients). Ultimately, you must do the work to see results. However, the methods, templates, and resources shared here have the potential to greatly impact your life & business (and already have for many people). They are the culmination of years of experience and proven strategies.

  2. This is not a program you can get lost in. We have many high touch points so you get individualized care. In fact, you will have multiple 1-1's AND private chat support with the creator herself! This isn't like other programs that only offer the course content and group calls. We do have those, but we've found everyone still requires personal support to be successful. 

  3. This program may not be as impactful for those who are booked out completely and turning clients away. At this point, you should consider hiring or creating an agency. While we do touch on the basics of these topics, watch for future programs on these topics. Alternatively, if you have an established business and could use a more solid foundation to your processes, then you will still love this program.

Meet Your Host

Hi! I'm Megan. I am the CEO of an international business that spans 5 continents. I'm a business coach, recruiter, assistant trainer, web designer, hiring expert, and systems strategist.

I love helping business owners to find and train their assistants AND I love helping freelancers to start & grow their businesses.

I've helped 160+ entrepreneurs reclaim their time freedom by outsourcing to the right people. As a biproduct, I've also helped 160+ freelancers get hired by stellar clients doing what they love.

I've been coaching Virtual Assistants since 2017. Now, I'm putting all those resources in one place!

I have 9 years of experience as a virtual assistant myself (before I do what I do now). I currently have several people on my team and I love to bring both perspectives to my coaching - the client & virtual assistant. 

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